theGrio’s 100: Janaye Ingram, leading the charge with National Action Network

Who is Janaye Ingram?

Janaye Ingram, 34, is the acting Executive Director of the Harlem-based National Action Network, a leading civil rights organization fighting for equal justice for all people. She was appointed to the position in September 2013 after serving an impressive run as the leader of NAN’s D.C. bureau.  As a former Miss New Jersey USA, Ingram is recognized as a woman with beauty, wit and integrity. NAN founder Rev. Al Sharpton has touted her accomplishments, saying, “I’ve seen her in demonstrations and the halls of power. I think Janaye is a super leader.”

Why is she on theGrio’s 100?

Ingram has been heavily involved with several nonprofit organizations prior to joining NAN. She has argued New York’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy, fought against urban gun violence and has successfully assembled people together to join her in her mission. Through her work with NAN, she has encouraged more involvement from community members to speak out against injustices and has organized rallies to bring these issues to the forefront. Ingram has established herself to be a distinguished voice on politics and social activism. She frequently shares her thoughts through her weekly blog on Loop21 and on Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio news show “Keeping it Real.”

What’s next for Ingram?

It has been two years since Ingram first joined the staff at NAN and within that time, she has risen to be a key leader of the organization and a nationally recognized voice on issues of race and politics. She has appeared on TV discussing some of the media’s most polarizing stories and has penned powerful essays on these same topics. Going forward, Ingram’s devoted activism will continue to positively impact society and further solidify her as one of the NAN’s most influential  leaders.