theGrio’s 100: Kid Fury and Crissle, keeping hip-hop heads amused on ‘The Read’

Who are Kid Fury and Crissle?

Bloggers and relatively recent New York City residents, Kid Fury and Crissle host a popular hip-hop and pop culture focused podcast called The Read.  Their hilarious and no-holds barred commentary draws 80,000 listeners a week. According to the Washington Post, “Fury, 25, and West, 31, have the chemistry of people who were friends in a previous life. They don’t just finish each other’s thoughts, they translate them.”

Why are they on theGrio’s 100?

The unabashedly profane duo take “throwing shade” to a new level on a weekly basis leaving their fans in stitches and shaking their heads in disbelief. Their whip-smart commentaries on topics like Miley Cyrus’ twerking are the perfect antidote to the inane coverage we’re all used to hearing. “The thing about our show is that it’s seriously two friends sitting in a studio and talking and it just so happens that we record it and put it on the Internet every week. That’s it,” Kid Fury told Flavorwire this past December. “The fact that we’re talking in a studio doesn’t change the conversation from when we’re talking on the train or at somebody’s house,” adds Crissle. It’s this raw and real dynamic that have made the two Read hosts breakout stars.

What’s next for Kid Fury and Crissle?

Kid Fury and Crissle have become some popular they’ve taken their act out on the road for live shows. “We had nothing planned, but we said that’s something we could see ourselves doing in the future, not thinking,” Fury admitted to the Post. Demand is growing for The Read, but the duo agrees that for now, they want to focus on their current format. Fury expressed excitement about what to come, “Podcasts have a very promising future.”