theGrio’s 100: Pastor Corey Brooks, walking by faith and leading with passion

Who is Pastor Corey Brooks?

Pastor Corey Brooks is the residing reverend and founder of New Beginning Church of Chicago, a non-denominational church located in the south side of Chicago. He has attracted over 2,500 members through his insightful teachings and disciplinary work. Commonly known as the “Rooftop Pastor,” Brooks earned this nickname after he spent 94 days camped atop a Chicago motel roof as part of his pledge to raise money for a community center across from his church.  His pledge soon launched Project H.O.O.D., a campaign committed to closing down the crime-infested motel and building a safe haven for the urban community.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

Pastor Brooks has exemplified true leadership, passion and guidance through his hands-on work in the crime-infested communities of Chicago and beyond. He has walked across America, from New York City to Los Angeles, to help raise money for his organization Project H.O.O.D. and increase awareness about city violence. With a commitment to “helping others obtain destiny,” Brooks leads by example and has been a positive influence for community members who are looking to escape the cycle of violence.

His goal is to raise $15 million, which is the expected amount needed to build the community center. So far, his relentless effort and passion-driven work has inspired many, including movie director Tyler Perry, who donated $100,000 to the cause.

What’s next for Brooks?

After former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress in August, many saw Pastor Brooks as a strong contender to fill his congressional seat. However, Brooks put politics aside and instead told his parishioners that he would not be running for the vacant spot. Instead, he said he wanted to dedicate his time and energy to his family and completing his Project H.O.O.D. campaign – and he is as devoted to these priorities more than ever before.