A group of NFL football players have teamed up to showcase some of their talents off the field.

Over 40 professional players have banded together to join the NFL Players Choir — a group of former and active athletes who prove that their talents run the gamut from having stellar stamina and physical agility to impressive vocal skills.

The choir was formed in 2008 and made their debut in Phoenix, AZ, at Super Bowl XLII. Some of the players include Carolina Panthers player¬†Cam Newton, Jacksonville Jaguars’ Justin Forset, Philadelphia Eagles’ Dereck Faulkner and Washington Red Skins’ James Davis, among others.

Grammy-Award-winning gospel artist Donnie McClurkin leads the choir, who have performed around the nation and recently sang alongside legendary singer Patti LaBelle on Good Morning America. 

On Wednesday, the choir performed at a McDonalds in New York City just days before the big Super Bowl game Sunday.

Watch footage from their performance above and tell us your thoughts below.

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