Prince debuts new song, ‘PretzelBodyLogic’

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Music icon Prince is back on the scene, taking both the music and television airwaves by storm.

The legendary artist will soon debut a new album of banging rock anthems, with an all-woman band supporting the venture.

His coming opus, PlectrumElectrum, wowed the crowd at an album listening party held in New York City on Sunday in the wake of the Super Bowl, which was hosted in nearby New Jersey.

That night, he also made a rare acting appearance playing himself on the hit Fox sit com, New Girl. A longtime fan of the show, Prince offers star Zooey Deschanel dating advice in its latest episode based on love wisdom from his lengthy song catalog.

While it does not have a release date, his new band, 3rdEyeGirl was on hand to introduce the album’s first single, “PretzelBodyLogic,” to a crowd of media insiders.

“PretzelBodyLogic” was released today on iTunes.

Members of 3rdEyeGirl explained to listeners that PlectrumElectrum will excite with its classic rock influences, such as Led Zeppelin, true musicianship, and the fact that the entire album was recorded using analog technology.

The Purple One made a personal appearance at the event, which was hosted by ESSENCE magazine.

A-list celebrities such as television talk show host Wendy Williams flocked to the listening party as a packed house jammed to the Jimi Hendrix-inspired sounds.

Sporting a perfectly coiffed Afro and chic circle shades, the artist who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol danced in the DJ booth with members of 3rdEyeGirl and Liv Warfield, one of his up-and-coming protégés.

Hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh acted as the consummate hype man throughout the affair, which concluded with a dance party fueled by funky, eclectic music.

ESSENCE has announced Prince as the headliner of the 2014 ESSENCE Festival, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. 3rdEyeGirl will join him on stage during this important performance.

Prince will also begin a tour soon in the United Kingdom.

According to Rolling Stone, “a network appearance and the active launch of a new single, a few weeks ahead of a U.K. tour, all seem to indicate that 2014 could mark a return to the spotlight for Prince.”

Prince will always be beloved for his timeless songs, masterful musicianship and electric performances. His continual influence on pop music is undeniable, as the latest album to hypnotize the masses — Beyoncé’s eponymous work — bears the unmistakable stamp of his sexy, soulful influence.

Yet, it is always exciting when a creator of his caliber is able to renew his connection with the public with fresh material. Here’s to hoping that 2014 is indeed Prince’s greatest year.

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