theGrio’s 100: Asia Newson, Detroit’s ‘youngest entrepreneur’

Who is Asia Newsome?

This young dynamo has proudly proclaimed, “I am Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur and I like to do what I like to do!” Young Ms. Newson sells candles with her dad. She tells her customers that she wants to help Detroit rebound by teaching other young people how to be successful in business.

Why is Asia Newson in theGrio’s 100?

Asia has been an inspiration not only to other kids in Detroit but also to business leaders looking to support the city’s growth. Newson’s enterprise is called “Super-Business Girl” and she already has trainees working with her. She says her goal is to teach young people how to make money. Business journalists have hailed her as “one of the most successful young people in America.”

What’s next for Asia Newson?

Detroit business incubator Bamboo Detroit has begun advising Asia and her family and has provided workspace to develop her business. During a chance encounter with Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert, she told him of her dreams of expansion. He invited her and her family to a follow-up meeting to discuss her future plans. She told him that she would like to have a store in his building and in Detroit’s Compuware Building. “That’s my goal,” she said.