New startup Bevel wants to rid black men of bad haircare

theGRIO REPORT - Tristan Walker, former business developer for the social media app foursquare recently made news for his next start up...

Tristan Walker, former business developer for the social media app foursquare, recently made news for his next start up. If you’re a black man who’s ever dealt with the dreaded razor bumps while shaving, then you should pay attention.

Bevel, is a men’s grooming service catered towards men of color. Walker is hoping to eliminate a problem that’s been plaguing the better part of his adult life.

“Oh man, the first time I used a razor against my skin I immediately broke out,” said the Bevel founder. “We as black men are subjugated to one aisle in the hair care store for our goods. I felt it was time to change that.”

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To execute his vision Walker needed to raise a certain amount of capital. Due to his reputation in Silicon Valley and business savvy, he raised the proper funds from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, WME partner Charles King, and rap legend Nas, who immediately understood Tristan’s vision.

“Nas got the pitch first, and he saw there was a need here. He uses the same limited options that all black men have for haircare,” recalled Walker.

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