Does an equal marriage lead to less sex?

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Does an equal marriage lead to less sex? Experts say yes.

According to an analysis by relationship author Lori Gottlieb of studies on couples who share house work, having an egalitarian division of labor squelches passion.

Particularly, this is something that impacts heterosexual couples more than any other group.

“I had noticed that so many other aspects of egalitarian marriages were being talked about or written about, and I wondered why our sex lives, something so integral to relationships, weren’t,” Gottlieb told the New York Times. “We live in a culture where sex is everywhere. It’s no longer a hush-hush topic, and it pervades the media. But when it comes to sex in our marriages, a lot of people feel alone in their experiences even though their experiences are very common.”

What are the experiences of male-female couples that opt to share in cooking, cleaning, and other chores that are traditionally deemed “feminine”? Watch the video above to discover the surprising results of research into the subject.

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