Gene Noble's 'Rebirth of Gene' takes listener on journey through pain, love and fantasy

Singer and songwriter, Gene Noble invites us on a personal, honest and intimate journey through love, pain and fantasy in his new EP, Rebirth of Gene.

Noble’s EP flirts with emotions while ardently being carried by soulful sounds that make for a sensual experience.

Infectious hooks on tracks like, ‘Hide Away’ delve into the complications of dishonesty in relationships, the lust and desire for two women and the power of temptation. Noble continues with this theme until he flips the script on tracks like “Hide Away” and replays a similar situation, but as a victim of deceit and from a different perspective – his own.

“Still Here” gives the listener a delicate, yet raw and candid experience of love and its, sometimes familiar, alliances: the art of forgiving and forgetting coupled with hopes of a brighter future.  Noble uses this as a platform for creativity and fuel from start to finish, proving to be a singer that isn’t afraid of expression and a songwriter that is in tune with his emotions.

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The EP demonstrates and showcases an impressive vocal range that acts as, and accompanies, the instrumentals that are felt all the way through. Effortlessly moving from one track to the next, we are taken to a more conscious state of mind and transported to an adorning place with tracks like, “Aware” and “Where You Are” that play out like a confession through your speakers. Telling stories of a love addicted Noble, “elusively, you dangled your love like a carrot dipped in drugs,” the track toys with the juxtaposition of “heaven and hell” and “dark and light” which are used as vivid metaphors when it comes to matters of the heart.

Noble has covered a number of well known songs, most recently, Beyonce’s “Rocket”, and, by characterizing the cover and making it his own, it would appear Noble is most prominent when he opens up to matters of the heart. This same idea is shown again with an ideal ending that summarizes and captures the essence of Rebirth of Gene in its entirety.

As we get to the end of the EP, the last track, “Lay You Down” is as smooth, relaxed and as flirtatious as its title. Closing with a track that embodies the same undertones that tie all ten tracks together leave you satisfied as an ending to the listening experience as a whole. Each track tells its own story, giving sincere and compelling accounts of one man and his experiences through love and its lessons.

If this EP were a person, it would be a man that is wearing his heart on his sleeve.