Rap Genius: The top 5 rap lyrics of the week — Rick Ross' impressive return

african kings

The world finally got a chance to hear Mastermind, the impressive 6th studio album from Rick Ross.

We’re pumped to hear new tracks from Lupe Fiasco and Ab-Soul, as well as something fresh from Mac Miller. Check out the lines of the week:

5. “This is my score, Let me put something on the board” Chuck Inglish ft. Chance the Rapper, ‘Glam’

While he can score like making buckets, Chance made this song for the Divergent soundtrack (film score). Regardless how you slice it up, he can put numbers on the board!

4. “But that is not this, Every Houdini wants a genie in his cock pit” — Via Rosa ft. Jean Deaux, ‘Magician’

Via Rosa and Jean Deaux are two soulful voices from Chicago. As they told RG: “Every one of these illusionists needs a good woman to trick into loving them.

3. “We all ball even the devil gotta pitch, You fly so that’s red bull and a fish” — Lupe Fiasco ft. Ab-Soul, ‘Thorns and Horns’ 

The homophone king is back at it, playing off of baseball pitches and the devil’s pitchfork. Lupe packs in a sports/rap parallel, literally calling BS on how “fly” his rival rappers are (more like fish) and works in the famous Red Bull slogan.

2. “Actavis in cactus cooler, I bit the Apple on the Mac computer” — Mac Miller ft. Ab-Soul, Dash, Retch, and Vince Staples, ‘Amen’ 

This song is packed with dope verses. The lyrical Soulo claims to be the one who took a bit the chunk out of the Mac logo while word playing the fact that Mac Miller produced the track.

1. “That’s that Holy water, sanctified refreshments” — Rick Ross ft. Big Sean and Kanye West, ‘Sanctified’

Sanctified refreshment rolls right off the tongue, and the defining phrase of this track. As Rick Ross told RG, “Turn the water to wine baby!”