Honey Maid ad campaign features mixed-race families, LGBT parents

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A new Honey Maid campaign features diverse families in new commercials.

The “This is Wholesome” campaign celebrates real families from different backgrounds. Throughout the 30-second TV ad, a single dad, parents of different races and LGBT parents can be seen having fun with their families.

“No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will,” the commercial opens.

“We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media,” marketing director Gary Osifchin said in a statement, according to AdWeek.

The maker of Teddy Grahams is the latest company to join the discussion of diverse marketing strategies to reach the mainstream audience.

Last year a Cheerios commercial starring a biracial girl and her white mother and black father generated intense debate and conversation, as well as a Coca-Cola ad from this year’s Super Bowl that received backlash when Americans sang “America the Beautiful” in languages other than English.

You can view the Honey Maid commercial above and check out more videos from the campaign here.

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