Jacque Reid: Loaning money to your man

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When it comes to relationships, many of us give as much as we possibly can to making it work–time, affection and in many cases, money.

But is throwing cash at the situation necessarily a smart investment when it comes to love?

Sabrina Lamb, author, financial expert and CEO of WorldofMoney.org, says “no.” According to Lamb, women tend to give money to men with the expectation that their men will appreciate it and return the favor with love and respect. But this is in fact a major mistake, especially for the woman who does not have the financial means to or simply doesn’t want to, but fears telling her man “no.”

I sit down with Lamb to talk about why giving your man money is problematic and how to handle the situation when it comes up in conversation.

View part one above, and stay tuned for the next video in this series. Check out more on similar issues relating black women living well on my site, Singleandlivingfab.com.