Politini: Digital lynchings — what makes a star and a villain

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In this episode, we take a look back at the Republican autopsy of 2012 that pronounced the party dead on arrival (DOA) and see if their prognosis is looking any brighter. We also take a look at some of the stars that rose from the Republican ashes.

It’s been years since a sex tape launched Kim Kardashian to superstardom. Since the tape the phrase “reality star icon” and most recently “style icon” have been associated with her name.

Has the word icon lost its allure or has the celebration of fame for fame sake? And has our glamorization of mediocrity become our new normal?

It has been 23 years since term sexual harassment was uttered in a congressional hearing and Anita Hill’s character was lynched before a committee of white men seeking to confirm Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice.

We revisit Professor Hill as she stood proud in her teal suit, tenaciously giving testimony as she came under fire for speaking up when it appeared the Senate wanted her to shut up. We applaud her determination which changed the way we talk about gender equity and the politics of sex in this country.

Get the scoop on this week in fabulosity and foolishness with the women of Politini!

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