Lauryn Hill reportedly still owes nearly $1 million to the IRS

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Even though neo-soul icon Lauryn Hill has been out of jail for six months, after serving time for tax evasion, her financial problems are far from over.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger the singer still owes nearly $900,000 to the IRS.

Hill allegedly failed to pay $422,008.26 she owed for 2005; $19,838.75 she owed for 2006; $61,158.50 she owed for 2007; $58,405.71 she owed for 2008; $30,370.91 she owed for 2009; $13,247.73 she owed for 2010; and $261,838.19 she owed for 2011 — a total of $866,868.05.

Following her release from federal prison last October, Hill was allowed to delay her scheduled house arrest so she could go on tour.

In the past, Hill has written lengthy statements in her defense but she has yet to comment on the latest allegations of financial impropriety.