Tyler Perry's comes to life in new comic book

Hollywood titan Tyler Perry is taking on a brand-new medium as a comic book character.

Bluewater Productions is bringing Perry’s inspiring story to life as part of their popular FAME series.

“There are some celebrities we have done that are just media sensations, then you have someone like Tyler Perry who is a major inspiration to so many people. I have such respect for him and his story after working on this comic book,” said Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis.

Although the comic book is all about the Madea director, Perry is not directly involved in the project.

Bluewater Productions’ FAME series focuses on the real lives of celebrities in a comic-like setting, and in the past has included the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé.

The32page FAME: Tyler Perry comic book will be released in print and digitally tomorrow.

According the official press release:

Tyler Perry is known for wearing many different hats and wigs, such as actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, and now comic book character. His inspiring life story has had dramatic highs and lows that have launched him to super stardom. Perry ’s signature Madea character continues to entertain and break box office records.

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