Politini: GOP foot-in-mouth syndrome strikes again

theGRIO VIDEO - Another week, another faux controversy created by the Right...

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Another week, another faux controversy created by the Right.

Last week Reince Preibus and the RNC feigned outrage over a benign Twitter exchange between Ebony senior editor Jamilah Lemiuex and RNC Deputy Communications Director Raffi Williams, in which she expressed disinterest over their attempts to woo people of color and mistakenly referred to Williams as “another white guy.”

Aside from the apology the RNC demanded from Ebony and subsequently received, what’s most frustrating is how often and how egregiously Republicans offend entire communities of people and rarely ever think to apologize.

This week we shine a spotlight on the GOP’s “foot-in-mouth syndrome”—highlighting outrageous moments where members of the party have made blatantly racist, sexist or just completely thoughtless statements regarding various minority communities.

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