'The Breakfast Club' on Revolt TV and why Hot 97 isn't competition

From day one of its in fall 2013 launch, Diddy ‘s Revolt TV promised they’d be the new number-one channel in music, yet they didn’t have a flagship show to draw viewers in.

Now, after partnering with popular radio show The Breakfast Club, the growth potential for both brands will be immense.

Featuring radio personalities Charlamagne  Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy,  the talented trio were eager to team up with Diddy to have their daily show broadcasted live five days a week.

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“Diddy reached out to us at the I Heart Radio festival in Las Vegas the first time we had a conversation,” Yee recalled. “It seemed like a great opportunity, and we know when Diddy is working on something new or exciting, he’s going to give it [his] all.”

“I told Diddy whatever contract you gave Ma$e and The Lox, don’t even approach me with that bullsh*t,”  Charlamagne said jokingly.

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The fans of The Breakfast Club know they have a rivalry with cross town station Hot 97.

This Is Hot 97 a spoof off the chaotic nature of their radio station, also premiered in the month of March, but The Breakfast Club believes the competition between the two programs is often exaggerated.

“Honestly speaking, we don’t worry about anyone else. We don’t care what artist went to radio first to promote themselves at all. What we do know is when they come to The Breakfast Club, you’re getting a genuine conversation,” Envy said.

Simply put, The Breakfast Club is looking beyond competing with Hot 97; they wanted to chase icons who have made a historic impact on the airwaves.

“Mention us with the Tom Joyners, Steve Harveys,  the Ed Lovers and Doctor Dres of the world. Mention us with them,” Charlamagne replied.

Check out what else the The Breakfast Club had to say in our Grio sitdown.

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