Marlon Wayans is undeniably one of the funniest men in Hollywood.

He comes from comic royalty, as the youngest of ten siblings, many of whom are celebrities in their own right.

Some of Wayans’ most memorable roles were in comedies like White Chicks, Scary Movie, and the unforgettable TV series In Living Color.

In 2000 Wayans appeared in Requiem for a Dream, his most dramatic role to date, which earned him critical acclaim.

The 41-year-old actor will next star in the sequel to his wildly successful spoof comedy, A Haunted House 2, but hopes to soon take on another dramatic role in a biopic about his “hero,” legendary comedian Richard Pryor.

According to the Hollywood Reporter a biopic about the life of Pryor, to be produced and distributed by The Weinstein Company, has been in the works for several years.

Wayans, Michael B. Jordan and Eddie Murphy are among the actors being eyed for the film, which is rumored to potentially be directed by Lee Daniels.

Wayans’ screen test for the role is said to have wowed Harvey Weinstein.

In an interview with theGrio, Wayans opened up about the possibility of bringing Pryor’s story to life, and says that he’s been “preparing for the role.”

“I would love to play Pryor in a biopic,” Wayans said. “I’ve been on the circuit for three and a half years prepping for it…gathering the skill set to one day play that role. I hope it happens, but if it doesn’t I believe completely in the journey and whatever happens is supposed to have happened… whether I get Pryor or not.”

“Pryor brought me to the stage. I started doing stand-up. I’m better now. I’m smarter and more articulate. I work harder now. I know how to make people laugh because I know how to make people listen. I started out wanted to play a great, and now I’ve fell in love with stand-up and I just want to be a great.”

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