Will Mimi Faust's sex tape create more viewers for 'Love & Hip Hop'?

theGRIO REPORT - Images from Mimi's sex tape hit the Internet the same day the season 3 trailer for the series, which makes some question whether this is all a slimy marketing gimmick.

Reality star Mimi Faust and her sex tape scandal dominated social media Monday.

Leaked pictures and even a six-second Vine video show the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star engaging in triple-X-rated shower acrobatics with boyfriend and co-star Nikko Smith.

Black Twitter quickly turned the sex tape into a huge topic of discussion as timelines were flooded with snarky comments, witty memes and comedic GIFs, mostly mocking Faust for her actions.


Images from the sex tape hit the Internet the same day as her reality show’s season 3 trailer, which has caused some to question whether this is all a public relations stunt to lure viewers to tune into the program.

Either way, the tape is now in the hands of Vivid Entertainment and the adult film company is officially planning to release the explicit footage in its entirety under the title Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.

A snippet from the trailer shows Faust and Smith being presented with an offer to sell the tape and profit from its release.

In the end, the sex tape leak has generated major buzz so far and is sure to entice viewers to check out the new season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, which premieres May 5th.

Will you be tuning into the series’ newest season or will you shun the show completely? Tell us your thoughts below.