Columbus Short wife Tanee McCall-Short: 'Scandal' star threatened to kill me, himself

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Scandal star Columbus Short was served divorce papers and a restraining order by his wife, Tanee McCall-Short, today.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, McCall-Short cited irreconcilable differences and requested the court award her custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Ayala.

The actor’s wife claims that after coming home intoxicated on April 7, Short yelled at her abusively, then lunged at her with a wine bottle, acting “as if he was about to hit me with the bottle.”

The documents also allege the Scandal star engaged in even more explicitly violent threats and actions.

 “He placed the knife close to my neck and threatened to kill me and then kill himself,” she stated in the papers.

He then demanded that she answer questions in a not-at-all playful game allegedly called “Truth or Truth” or he was going to stab her in the leg, state the documents. The papers also say upon her attempted escape, she did not get far because one of her tires had been slashed.

During an interview today with News One Now, Short addressed the issues with his estranged wife, saying: “We have some amazing scriptwriters.  It’s — life — life has the best scriptwriters of all time. That’s all I can say about that.  But I’m still here. I’m standing. I’m talk. Let’s go.”

McCall-Short previously filed for divorce in September 2013 but withdrew the papers in March.

Short was ordered to stay away from his wife after he was charged with a misdemeanor spousal battery on February 14. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The 31-year-old actor was also arrested March 28 on felony charges for allegedly seriously harming another man in a restaurant fight.

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