'Scandal' just got real for Columbus Short: Why he can't pull off a Charlie Sheen-style career

Gahtdambit, Columbus Short!

The Gooning Gladiator in Gingham is in the center of a Scandal of his own right now, and it’s major.

There was last month’s incident of him allegedly knocking out some dude who talked about his wife while he was at a club. Because apparently, his life’s soundtrack is full of Bone Crusha songs.

He is too grown and too rich for such behavior. Too bad it doesn’t end there.

Now, he’s been served divorce papers by his wife Tanee Short, after months of strife in their marriage. The folks over at TMZ said that there’s even a restraining order because Tanee claims that Columbus “ran to the kitchen for a knife, pinned her to the couch and began choking her. He allegedly said if she lied he would stab her in the leg.” And then he allegedly threatened to commit a murder-suicide.

I can’t. I am unable to can. My ability to can has gone on vacation and promised not to return until Columbus’ sense and decency does. What in all that is good, holy and decent is this foolishness? Domestic violence is an incredibly serious matter and a man who puts his hands on a woman deserves a plague of locusts on his house. Not only is it wrong and stinking of cowardice but it’s another dropkick in the face of black women. Another one of us may be being mishandled and not treated with care.

I am incredibly disappointed because, if these allegations are proven true, this pretty much means he’s a terrible person and I can no longer root for him.

I can’t call him CoYUMbus (because he’s yummy) anymore in good faith knowing that he’s behaved like a cartoon villain. All this violent behavior, Mr. Short. What gives? Who told you that you were Floyd Mayweather (if he had height and an ever-changing hairline)? You’re not only choking your wife but you’re threatening her with death (hers and your own)?

Can someone tell Columbus that he can’t be out here like this? He literally cannot afford to be reckless like this. He is one of maybe a handful of black men with a starring role in a prime-time TV show on a major network. He is under a bigger spotlight because of it and he has to behave accordingly.

What did Papa Pope tell Olivia in the first episode of season 3? “You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.” Twice as good not twice as violent! You can’t be doing what Charlie Sheen did and think it’ll work out as well for you, Columbus.

Tonight is the Scandal season 3 finale and last thing we saw of Harrison from last week’s episode is that he was being held hostage by Adnan Salif. I would not be surprised if he doesn’t make it to season 4. If Harrison has to die, I will be sad but I will understand. We will plan a solemn home-going, even better than the one I planned for James. All the ushers will rock gingham gloves. Yolanda Adams will lead the choir. Olivia will pour out some wine right at the foot of the casket after she gives an amazing eulogy.

You know Shonda Rhimes is not here for her actors playing bald-headed games and embarrassing her with bad behavior. You can’t let your personal life make you a perfect client for Olivia Pope and think you’ll make it.

It’s a recession and not only is Columbus playing with a good job that has benefits, but he’s playing with his freedom. I hope he gets some therapy (if nothing else) out of all of this because it’s clear he’s battling something. And I send his wife love and light because she deserves care and this must be so difficult.

Again, get it together, Columbus!

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