Beyoncé 'Partition' parody about student loans

theGRIO REPORT - A parody of Beyonce's hit song 'Partition' about student loans has been blowing up social media.

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A parody of Beyoncé‘s hit song “Partition” about student loans has been blowing up social media.

The superstar’s original song has been one of the sexiest videos out recently, even drawing critics, most notably Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, who has bashed this particular Beyoncé video multiple times.

Chanel Carroll‘s parody video, “Tuition,” is less sexy, but incredibly engaging for those with any amount of student loans to pay off.

Sallie Mae, pay off my tuition please,” Carroll sings, pleading for help from the student loan giant.

Earlier this week NBC News reported that an investigation into Sallie Mae found “numerous arrangements that benefited schools and lenders at the expense of students.”

“There is a spectrum of what we consider to be deceptive and illegal practices, from financial incentives that go back to the schools to financial incentives to financial aid officers, to perks to financial aid officers, to employees of lenders being stationed at schools,” said New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

The student loan firm settled, agreeing to pay $2 million into a fund that will educate students and parents about the financial aid industry and will adopt a code of conduct from Attorney General Cuomo.

Carroll’s YouTube video had over 18,300 views by noon on Friday. Expect that to greatly increase.

While the video is funny, catchy and not the first “Tuition” parody, it still sheds light on a bigger issue that many young Americans are currently facing.

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