Nee-yango? En-yongo? Kimmel teases anchors who can't say Lupita's last name

Lupita N’yongo was named People magazine’s Most Beautiful person on Wednesday, but she didn’t win the Most Pronounceable Name award.

N’yongo’s last name is Kenyan, and is pronounced similar to “en-YON-go.” But as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” news anchors across the country tied their tongues up in knots just attempting to give it a go. But they gave it the old journalism-school try






One anchor just gave up entirely, introducing Nyong’o simply as “Lupita,” as if she was Cher or Madonna.

“I wish people had asked John Travolta to announce Lupita Nyong’o’s name,” Kimmel said. “He did such a nice job at the Oscars.”

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