Honor student at Shaw University arrested for studying past library hours

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The end of the school year is quickly approaching and campus libraries are filled with students who are busy studying for final exams.

However, one particular instance involving a student at Shaw University in North Carolina, ended in his refusal to leave the school’s library after it closed and in turn, resulted in his arrest.

The student’s name is Na’eem Wilkins, a 21-year-old junior at Shaw University who is the drum major for the school band and an honor roll student.

According to WRAL.com, Wilkins asked to stay in the library for an extra ten minutes once the library closed at 11 p.m. and was denied this request. Instead, Wilkins was arrested and charged with second degree trespassing.

“He was like, ‘Can I have an extra ten minutes just to finish this exam,’” Tina Akunwafor, a Shaw student who witnessed the incident, told WRAL. “He was calm. It wasn’t like he created a ruckus or he was arguing back and forth. She just said ‘I’m going to call security’ and after that the police came and arrested him.”

University official Odessa Hines, said Wilkins was allowed to stay in the library 30 minutes after it closed but did not leave afterwards.

“It’s unfortunate that he allowed the situation to escalate to that point,” Hines told WRAL. “I think obviously we never want to have to arrest a student, ever, on our campus.”

Students held demonstrations on campus speaking out against the incident and saying it shouldn’t have happened, especially not to a polished student like Wilkins.

Students came to the support of Wilkins and asked for charges to be dropped and for the school’s library to extend it’s hours of operation.

The latter has gone into effect and beginning Tuesday, the university will extended library hours for students studying for final exams.

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