68-year-old training for national Senior Olympics

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STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — It’s not often you come across athletes like Sandy Rue.

After ten medals and a list of state competitions, the 68-year-old runner from Steubenville, Ohio, is training hard to get to the national Senior Olympics.

“I want to break the record,” she says. “I want to set a record. It’s OK to be the national champion, but I want to set a record.”

She is coached by her husband, Paul.

“It’s a great honor to see where she started,” Paul says, “from someone who never ran track before to make the commitment to get into running, she has really done a great job.”

He started training Sandy after she turned 60.

He taught her how to run, something she was determined to master after a friend died.

“The year I went back to Akron and looked for Essie and found out she had died — she had a massive heart attack and died — that was my catalyst,” Sandy said.

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