LaTavia Roberson defends Kelly Rowland: 'She was always the second lead singer of Destiny's Child'

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LaTavia Roberson is finally weighing in on a viral video from her Destiny’s Child days.

Months ago, thanks to Vine, an old Destiny’s Child interview surfaced showing a teenage Kelly Rowland introducing herself as the second lead vocalist of the group. Beyoncé seems to respond by rolling her eyes and giving a perfectly timed cough.

LaTavia, who was present at the time of the video, says she doesn’t remember Beyoncé throwing shade at Kelly Rowland but confirmed that Rowland was indeed the second lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child.

“From my recollection, and what we used to always say in interviews, Kelly was always the second lead singer,” LaTavia said. “I was one of the last people to probably see it, but I never understood where that came from, and how that interview happened with all that (rolls eyes), I’m like ‘oh my gosh.'”

This past weekend on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, in a sketch called The Beygency, Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield played a character who made the mistake of saying that Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” is anything less than amazing, which ultimately proved to be lethal.

LaTavia weighed in on The Beygency sketch:

“It’s just so crazy that people would say something like, ‘once you talk back about Beyoncé you vanish,’ because regardless that’s Quen Bey,” said LaTavia. “People talk bad about her all the time, and I’m like ‘okay you love her one day, then you have something to say about her the next day.’ I just truly don’t understand people sometimes, I just think it’s so unfair.”

Over the past 15 years, various media outlets have alleged that Beyoncé and her former Destiny’s Child group members  were on bad terms. LaTavia set the record straight, saying, “I call Beyoncé my Sheroe. I’ve supported all of the ladies projects since the break between the group, and I have appreciated being able to see them grow and I love the love that I have for them. It’s never changed. It’s been some time since I’ve seen Beyoncé, which was the greatest amount of love between us when we saw each other.”

Click below to watch LaTavia talk about almost becoming a vocal duo with Beyoncé

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