Whoopi Goldberg is known for speaking her mind — and earlier this week on The View, the co-host shared her honest thoughts on the Solange and Jay Z fiasco.

For days, the Internet has been buzzing after video leaked that appears to show Solange, Beyonce and Jay Z in an elevator leaving the Met Gala. Moments later, Solange is seen kicking, hitting and punching Jay Z — all the while, the rapper did not respond, and many on social media have commended Jay Z for not hitting or fighting back.

The video was the topic of discussion on Tuesday’s episode of The View, where the show’s hosts gave their speculations about what led up to the fight and how they would have responded.

In doing so, Goldberg made some brow-raising comments on how men should act when they fight with women.

Watch the clip above to see Goldberg’s response and tell us your thoughts below.

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