Michael Jace murder: 2 sons reportedly witnessed their mother die

theGRIO VIDEO - Actor Michael Jace, best known for his role on 'The Shield,' murdered his wife at their home in Los Angeles. Jace's 2 son, both under the age of 10, reportedly witnessed the murder....

Monday night in Los Angeles, actor Michael Jace reportedly called the LAPD saying he had shot and killed his wife, April Jace. He was later taken into custody and booked on suspicion of homicide.

According to KNBC in Los Angeles, neighbors reported hearing an argument coming from Jace’s home just moments before shots rang out.

Jace is best known for his role as Detective Lowe from FX’s The Shield. He also had recurring roles on TNT’s Southland and NYPD Blue.

Detective Sal LaBarbera told KNBC that police are not looking for any other suspects in this case.

The couple’s two children, both boys under the age of 10, were in the home at the time of the shooting. TMZ reports Jace’s kids witnessed the crime.

“It’s a grieving process for both children,” LaBarbera said. “They’re without their mom, and their dad is in jail for the murder of their mother.”

The two boys are now with family members, KNBC reports.

It remains unclear what led to the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

Jace is currently being held on $1 million bail.

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