Woman files defamation lawsuit seeking $1 in damages

A member of the Utah County Republican Party is suing a party leader for defamation and asking for just $1 in damages.

Julie Blaney filed the lawsuit against Daryl Acumen, the vice chairman of the Utah County Republican Party, claiming he wrongly accused her of stealing money meant for the party.

“He had the ability to know what he was saying was malicious and flagrantly false, yet he published it to as many people as he felt he could to do damage to me,” Blaney said.

For his part, Acumen said he is upset the case was ever brought to court.

“I alleged a violation of a bylaw; they decided to bring it to the courts,” he said. “Frankly, I don’t think that is a conservative way to go forward. Conservatives say what they’ll do, and they do what they say. Conservatives spend less than they make and give what they can. Conservatives admit when they are wrong instead of filing frivolous lawsuits, trying to save face.”

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