4-year-old calls 911, saves mother’s life

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LEE COUNTY, Georgia — A brave Georgia 4-year-old is being hailed as a hero after he calmly called 911 when his mother passed out.

Jaden Howe didn’t know what was wrong with his mom.

“I think she was really sad,” said Jaden.

But he knew she wasn’t responding and he needed help.

TheGrio | 5-year-old calls 911, saves mom’s life following seizure (VIDEO)

“I had given him a bath, put some clothes on him, and then as I was walking out from his room in the hallway, I was about to call my husband, I fell,” said Juana Snell.

Snell says she passed out at their home Tuesday and that’s when her son sprang into action, calling 911.

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