Florida judge to public defender: 'I'll just beat your a**'

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A Florida judge allegedly challenged a public defender to a fight outside the courtroom Monday, saying “if you wanna fight, let’s just go out back and I’ll just beat your a**.”

Brevard County Judge John Murphy reportedly became frustrated with Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock and allegedly punched him in the head after challenging him to the fight, reports WFTV.

“You know, if i had a rock I would throw it at you right now,” Judge Murphy told Weinstock before the alleged scuffle. “Stop pissin me off, just sit down.”

The two men exit the courtroom and enter a nearby hallway that has no surveillance cameras.

From the audio on the courtroom video, you can hear one man shout from the hallway, “You want to F*** with me?”

According to WFTV Judge Murphy returned to court and finished his rulings, while Weinstock was reassigned to another area.

You can watch the courtroom video obtained by WFTV below. The video does contain adult language.

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