Antonio Harris (L) and Mario Mangrum work at an industrial cotton gin in Tennessee and filed a federal discrimination claim against their supervisor. (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

Two black employees at an industrial cotton gin in Tennessee have filed a federal discrimination complaint against their white supervisor for racist remarks he made on the job.

Antonio Harris and Marrio Mangrum are workers at the Atkinson Cotton Warehouse who are accusing their former supervisor for calling them “monkeys” and prohibiting them from using the microwave or drinking from the water fountain.

After months of enduring the ongoing ridicule and racism in the workplace, Harris decided to record statements from his supervisor on his cell phone.

“I need to put a sign here that says `white people only,” Harris’ supervisor says in one recording.

In another, Harris is heard asking his boss what will happen if he is caught drinking from the water fountain.

“That’s when we hang you,” the supervisor responded.

Audio also records Harris asking:  “Why can’t I use the microwave man?”

“Because you’re not white,” his boss responded.

Now, Harris and Mangrum have filed a federal complaint against their supervisor, and ABC News reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating their claims.

In a statement obtained by ABC News, the company that owns the warehouse, Federal Compress, says it had “zero tolerance” for discrimination and that the supervisor has been fired.

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