Celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie beats the odds, rules the blogs

Necole Kane is the founder and creator of one of the nation’s biggest urban blog sites, NecoleBitchie.com – but along with this recognition, the celebrity blogger also serves as an inspiration to countless women.

With a dedicated reader base from Atlanta to Los Angeles, the blogger’s growing brand has now cemented her status as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Necole began her career writing about celebrities on her site in 2007 – and the site has since expanded to become one of the nation’s fastest growing websites, but times weren’t always easy.

“I was in New York; I wanted to work for a music label,” she told theGrio.com’s Lilly Workneh. “I went on all these interviews over the course of six months while working temp jobs, and it just wasn’t working. So I was broke and I had to go back home to the Eastern Shore [in Maryland] where my family is from, and that’s when I started blogging just to pass the time away.”

Her website now receives over 2 million unique visitors a month, and she has extended her reach by launching her personal blog, IamNecole.com.

Meanwhile, Necole has become popular in her professional life, but it is her personal journey that may resonate most with her readers.

The blogger’s journey has taken her through some difficult moments, including times where she didn’t have a place to stay, a job — or any money. Both of her parents passed away in 2007, but Necole persevered.

She said the tough times made her more determined to make a name for herself.

“I learned how to code a website enough to change my color scheme, had someone help me make a header banner, and I just woke up everyday and wrote on it,” she said.

“But I think it’s a true testament to when you put your mind to something, you don’t have to have a lot of money, you don’t have to have someone invest millions of dollars into you; as long as you have a vision, it can progress and grow into something that’s big.”

Necole also made the conscious decision to run her site with a positive sensibility. She said she’s tried to stray from the slanderous or gossip-heavy angles some blogs are known to take.

When asked why she decided to publish stories with a more uplifting tone, Necole said:  “I feel like the energy you put out, you get back — and I want to live a positive, happy, joyful life.”

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