5 white artists who made racial flubs like Justin Bieber

While Justin Bieber's is dealing with latest n- word debacle, he’s not the first white person to have controversy follow him involving race and hip hop...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Justin Bieber isn’t the first white musical artist to make some questionable, racially-charged comments.

TheGrio.com came up with a few more examples of when other white artists crossed the line — and then asked for forgiveness.

Some of the names may or may not surprise you:


Let’s be clear. Oakland female rapper Kreayshawn is a one-hit wonder. Her claim to fame is the infectious single “Gucci Gucci.” Her defense of using the N-word in her daily speech quickly lead the Oakland native to become a flash in the hip hop pan.

Her suspect emcee skills didn’t help either.

Iggy Azalea

With two No. 1 hits on the Billboard Charts, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has been dubbed as the next big thing in hip hop.

A few years ago, the Aussie came under fire for lyrics to her 2012 song “Drugs” where she said she “runs the rap game” like a slave master.

Iggy has since apologized, claiming it was offensive of her to even write those bars.

John Mayer

At one point in time, guitarist John Mayer was a go-to collaborator for some hip hop heavy weights, including Kanye, Common and Jay Z. He even appeared on the Chappelle Show with The Roots’ band leader Questlove.

Things got real for Mayer when he “explained” why he’s not attracted to black women in a Playboy interview. He compared his male member to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Like Iggy, he apologized. But Mayer took it a step further — crying on stage and asking for the forgiveness of his predominantly black band.


Yes, even Marshall Mathers had a brief racial issue in his past. In 2003, The Source found two old Eminem tracks where the Detroit rapper had some disturbing comments about black women. In one of the tracks, which dates back to when Em was a teenager, he rapped:

Blacks and whites they sometimes mix /But black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks / So I’mma say like this /Don’t date a black girl, take it as a diss

As soon as the tapes were discovered, Eminem admitted he was a heartbroken teen and stupid. He apologized.


Pop royalty and frequent hip hop collaborator Madonna was caught describing her youngest son Rocko as a “N*gga” on Instagram. Her fans immediately shamed her for using the term. She dismissed the criticism, however, saying she was using the N-word as a “term of endearment.”

Right. Got it.

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