50 Cent gets villainous in 'Maleficent' spoof

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Angelina Jolie has moviegoers under her spell in the Disney blockbuster “Maleficent,” but Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson offered her some stiff competition on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Host Kimmel teased that the rapper-actor had a “big, big, big film coming out,” and 50 Cent assured him it “ain’t going to no Redbox.” Then they both let the trailer for what turned out to be a hilarious faux flick do the talking.

The clip started off just like the one that inspired it, with Princess Aurora asking a shadowy figure to come into the light. But it wasn’t Jolie’s fallen fairy who walked out of the thorny brush.

“I’ve been shot nine times,” the villain laughed when Aurora told him not to be scared. “I’m not afraid of no little white girl!”

Even the tag line for “Malefiftycent,” “Get Witch or Die Tryin’,” gave an appropriate nod to 50’s first record (“Get Rich or Die Tryin'”).

“I think the kids are going to love it,” Kimmel deadpanned.

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