Chris Rock announces ‘black plague’ comedy tour this fall

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Chris Rock is ready to spread the “black plague.”

Thursday, the comedian told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon he will kick off a new stand-up tour this fall. He also credited Kanye West for coming up with the tour’s title.

“The other day, we were hanging out and he gave me that name,” Rock said. “We were listening to records or whatever and he said ‘black plague,’ and I was like ‘Can I use that?'”

Rock said it had been about “four or five years” since he was last on a major tour. He joked with Fallon that he was ready to “spread the black plague,” which left Fallon giddy with laughter.

Later this month, Rock will host the 2014 BET Awards. 

“The Oscars don’t want me,” Rock cracked. “The ‘BET Awards’ is for everybody. It’s for white people too. It’s the kind of show where you get Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Superhead on the same show. Michelle Obama … and Rick Ross sitting next to each other.”

Rock’s next film, Finally Famous, began shooting last year. Rock hinted at a return to touring last year in an interview on Aisha Tyler’s podcast Girl on Guy. Rock told Tyler he was considering a joint tour with Dave Chappelle, but it appears that may have fizzled out.

Rock spent the latter part of the interview with Fallon taking a few jabs at The Roots’ drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. He called Thompson to “Lionel Richie” of the group.

“You see [Questlove] in commercials in stuff,” Rock joked. “I’m like ‘Where’s The Roots at?’ You see music, but you don’t see none of the guys.”

After appearing on Fallon, Rock managed to “crash” Late Night host Seth Meyers’ monologue.

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