The top hip-hop dads in the music industry

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Being a Hip-Hop Dad is no easy feat.

Hip-Hop is inherently a youth-oriented culture with a rebellious streak. If you are a rapper, being a father can eventually become a conundrum, particularly if you strive to be a good parent. Think about it: you have created a persona that precedes you, and then you have this new responsible version of yourself that co-exists with the entertainer that is beloved by millions. What’s a rapper to do?

Firstly, reinvention is often key, and the science is a tricky one akin to alchemy. One thing is for certain: these cool dudes are proof that the paradigm has shifted. Once upon a time, rappers’ albums often had an obligatory (and typical) “f**k my pops” song, an ode to the deadbeat daddy. From what I have been able to gather, the following men have been on their A-game as fathers to their kids. This is not to say that they are perfect men but simply that they have tremendous dedication to their kids.


The trap boy is now the new version of Rev. Run. That’s right. Tip aka Trouble Man is now the family man incarnate with, “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” We all know that reality TV is in fact TV crafted for entertainment, so the facts are always a bit skewed. We also know there are some truths that just cannot be faked, and the relationship between T.I. and his tribe seems genuine and real. Hopefully, he and wife Tiny can resolve their differences.

 Rev. Run of Run DMC

Rev. Run godfathered the “Hip-Hop dad” and crafted the prototype for the likes of T.I. The model for Rev. was certainly the jovial Bill Cosby, but the rap legend continues to make his mark. From MTV’s “Run’s House” to kids with businesses and rap careers, it seems as though Run and his family have it all. Run has done it right and is now a grandfather by the way of his lovely daughter Vanessa. Through a tenor in entertainment, Run has not only helped propel his kids forward but blessed them with wings.

The Game

He punches rappers and Instagrams alleged death threats. Notwithstanding, The Game oozes over his kids like no rapper alive. You will be hard-pressed to find a Rap Dad that dotes over his kids and yet keeps it real in the streets like Jayceon (his official name). The Game, 34, treads that delicate line of street cred and fatherhood.

Will Smith

These days, Will Smith is the controversial father, especially with the recent dust up with daughter Willow. Willow, 13, was photographed in the bed with a 20-year-old family friend. Despite seemingly mixed signals, Will represents the bastion of progressive fatherhood. He and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith raise their kids to think for themselves and to live the life of an individual. The Fresh Prince is a king of a dad, even though his Hip-Hop persona is not as hardcore as other rappers.

Percy “Master P” Miller

People have always slept on Master P, but the narcolepsy of others doesn’t detract from the absolute father that Master P is. I smile every time I see Master P and his offspring Romeo and Cymphonique on those campy college commercials. Unfortunately, P is in the fight of a lifetime over his children now that he and his wife are at odds. The mogul claims he slipped up and missed a court day, causing a judge to award his estranged wife a default judgement with all of his underage kids. This isn’t the last we’ve heard from him.

Sean “Diddy” Combs

Diddy catches a lot of flack because he happens to have several baby-mamas. But this fact is a mere formality, and judgmental folks need only pay attention to how well he treats these lil Diddies. He even “adopted” Quincy, the son of Al. B Sure! (and biological child of his former lady Kim Porter), who has accused the 80’s R&B singer of being a deadbeat. Diddy’s flashy lifestyle has little bearing on handling his responsibility as a man.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s kids love him more than the ladies. He and wife Simone have done it the old school way, as they have almost been married 20 years strong. Before marrying, they had two kids and another pair after they walked down the aisle. Decades later, LL remains one of the positive forces of fatherhood and, overall, a man that carries the responsibility well.


It might be hard to see Eminem as a great father with the naked eye, so taking a closer look is imperative. His daughter Hailie Jade has been the subject of many of his classic songs, many of which include the lyrical slaying of his ex-wife Kim. On top of that, Em has an adopted daughter Alaina Mather; she is the biological daughter of Kim’s twin sister and is being raised as Hailie’s sister.

Everybody Else:

Honestly, there are too many dope Hip-Hop dads. Dres of 90’s act Black Sheep and his son are like two peas in a pod. Bun B, the underground king, always posts pictures of his family and also is a proud grandfather. Ace Hood has always rapped about being a father and how he hustles hard for his baby girl. (Ace also rapped about the tragedy of losing one of his daughters.) These stories are never-ending and are consistent with the notion that a tide is turning. Overall, these Hip-Hop dads are just like other conscientious fathers. They just desire the best for their kids and seek to provide for them, show love to them and protect them by any means necessary.


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