Kasonja Holley from Chicago buys and distributes lunches for the homeless. (Photo courtesy of Go Fund Me)

For most, lunch provides a much-needed break from the office, but for one woman in Chicago, her lunch breaks are filled with a much deeper mission.

Meet Kasonja Holley — the founder of Love In Motion, a name her co-workers gave her weekly project of purchasing and delivering food and goods to the homeless.

Every Thursday on her lunch break, Holley heads to the local sandwich shop and buys 20 boxed lunches and hands them to homeless people near her workplace, reports WGN Morning News.

“I knew I needed to be doing something,” she told the news station. “I like to feed people so I figured I might as well start there.”

In addition to food, Holley also buys toiletries and personal care products — like deodorant, soap,  first aid kits and facial wipes — and distributes them to those in need, along with some of her coworkers.

She says she purchases all of the items herself — and currently works two jobs to fund her project. However, she recently launched an online campaign to raise money and continue her mission.

Through her Go Fund Me campaign, Holley has raised more than $8,000 — and only hopes to continue raising money to help the homeless.

“I have met some amazing people who look forward to seeing me each week,” she writes on the fundraising site. “They are happy and grateful to know that someone cares.”

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