Mug shot of 'dreamy' California felon goes viral

A mugshot of 30-year-old felon Jeremy Meeks has gone viral this week, apparently because of his “good looks.”

The Stockton Police Department originally posted the mugshot on Facebook, as well as three other mugshots of men who were arrested, but the department didn’t get attention for their efforts to keep the community safe. Instead, Meeks’ photo received over 15,500 comments and over 53,000 likes.

Most of the comments include “handsome,” “beautiful,” “gorgeous” or suggestions that he should start modeling.

Meeks, who is being held on $900,000 bail at San Joaquin Jail, is facing five weapons charges and one gang charge, according to police.

In an interview with News 10, Meeks said he found out his photo blew-up on Facebook after he called his wife.

The convicted felon previously served nine years in prison for grand theft, the ABC affiliate reports.

There are also comments and posts reminding the swooning ladies that Meeks is a criminal.

“He’s a convicted felon,” Jackie Salinas commented. “That automatically flushes away any attractiveness he may have had. If this is the kind of guy you women go for regardless of background, I feel sorry for y’all.”

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