'Jailhouse hottie' Jeremy Meeks speaks out: 'I'm a family man'

Jeremy Meeks caused a stir on the web when his mug shot went viral because of his good looks.

Not much has been heard directly from the convicted felon, but on Thursday, he spoke to Inside Edition. And while he says he’s flattered that he is liked because of his looks, his situation is bad.

The TV magazine spoke to Meeks from a jail in Stockton, CA, where he is being held on weapons and gang related charges.

For the first time since the commotion over his sudden celebrity, Meeks is seen up close and personal albeit though prison glass. Visible are the tattoos, the name Jeremy on his neck and the word Crips on his left fore arm.Accentuated is that teardrop tattoo on his face which some say is because he could have lost a loved one to violence or he might have been involved in a killing himself. Meeks has never been arrested or charged in a homicide.

Meeks, who has served time for grand theft, told Inside Edition that his gangster days are in his past.

“I’m a family man, I’m a husband. I am a father and I’m a hard worker.” Meeks said he quit the gangs seven years ago and now works in a warehouse for minimum wage. The magazine showed a photo of Meeks embracing a toddler, presumably his child.

Meeks faces a one million dollar bail, likely to be bonded out if he could raise $100-thousand. So far, the funding site set up by his mother has only raised close to $4-thousand.

Click here for the Inside Edition interview.