Trey Songz defends August Alsina, speaks out about BET performance

Trey Songz shocked the crowd Sunday night when he appeared alongside R&B artist August Alsina during the newcomer’s performance at the BET Awards.

The two singers have reportedly been through some rocky moments in their friendship, which even led Alsina to curtly dismiss any inquiries of their alleged beef during a recent broadcast on 106 & Park.

But it seems as though the two have resolved their issues after they wow’d the audience and performed alongside each other for Alsina’s hit song, “I Luv this S**t.” Chris Brown also joined the two men on stage — helping to deliver one of the most memorable performances of the night.

In an interview with theGrio Monday, Trey Songz opened up about his collaboration with Alsina at the BET Awards and what that moment meant for him considering their recent fallout.

“It was an amazing moment in R&B, first of all,” Songz told theGrio’s Lilly Workneh. “A lot of us got caught up in August’s remarks about me early on, a few months ago. I never really got caught up in that because I know what it’s like being a young artist and have people on your a**.”

Songz referred to Alsina’s 106 & Park appearance when host Keisha Chante inquired about the alleged beef between the two men. Alsina’s response came with an abrupt dismissal as he told Chante: “I just told you not to ask me that s**t when I got up in here.”

To some, his response signaled that his rift with Songz at the time was ongoing — but Sunday night’s performance quickly put an end to the dispute as the two singers embraced each other in open arms onstage.

“You’re going through hell on promo trying to put your album out, you got people asking you about this guy you’re not really getting along with right now,” Songz said in Alsina’s defense. “Sometimes you slip up and say things you really don’t mean. And we had a conversation and he told me that, later on down the line. And I think it was great for the culture and for the people that really aren’t paying that much attention to see that even though we were at odds at one point in time, we came together, and to see Chris come together, too.”

Alsina and Brown left the stage following their performance while Songz remained and performed one of his latest hit singles, “Na Na” from his latest album Trigga. 

This is the sixth studio album for the Grammy-nominated singer – and this time, he has partnered with Target, who will be the only retailer offering an exclusive deluxe album featuring three bonus songs: “Hard to Walk Away,” “Serial” and “Sneaky.”

The album is available on Tuesday, July 1st. Fans can buy the exclusive deluxe version of the album here.

Watch their BET Awards performance below:


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