Jeremy Meeks reportedly gets lucrative modeling contract offer

Ever since Jeremy Meeks’ striking mug shot was posted on Facebook, women across the globe have lost their minds.

Never mind that the “jailbird hottie” is a convicted felon, his chiseled looks and dreamy blue eyes are enough.

Now, it appears Meeks’ newfound celebrity may even make the hunk some honestly-earned cash.

Hot on the heels of his photo going viral, Blaze Modelz in Los Angeles has offered him a lucrative modeling contract, according to TMZ.

The agency, based in Santa Monica, says Meeks’ gangland tattoos could even help his modeling career, including his teardrop tattoo, which it considers “edgy and sexy.” They say Meeks’ good looks could rake in tens of thousands of dollars a month.

The California con, known to some as “Dreamy McMug” will be reportedly be represented by Gina Rodriguez — the porn actress turned agent.  Rodriguez has worked with “Octomom,” V. Stiviano and MTV’s Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

Speaking to Fox News, Ms. Rodriguez said she hoped to secure a number of entertainment deals, such as a reality television show, for the alleged gangster in a bid to “help him turn his life around.”

“Everybody has a story, and I, of all people, know that,” she said. “If this was a different situation, like if someone was actually hurt or there was violence involved, I definitely would not be taking him on.”

Meeks still has many obstacles to overcome before he can even consider the chance to cash in on his smoldering good looks.

He is currently being held on $900,000 bail in the San Joaquin County Jail for 11 felony counts, including gang membership firearm possessions and parole violations.

Meeks, 30, became an overnight Internet sensation last month after the Stockton Police Department posted his booking photo on their Facebook page. His mug shot has so far garnished more than 10,000 Facebook likes and nearly 13,000 shares.

Female admirers are also photo-shopping his face onto high fashion magazine pages and turning him into a Twitter trend.

He has previously been jailed for grand theft and has had many run-ins with the law.

The Los Angeles Times reports that he’s a documented member of the Northside Gangster Crips. His family insists he moved on from his criminal past.

Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, has set up an online fundraising page to counter what she says are “stereotypes” about her son and to raise $25,000 for his legal defense. As of the time of publishing, just over $5,000 has been raised.

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