Parents turn in son, grandson to authorities on robbery charges

BAKER COUNTY, Florida — Baker County, Florida, is a low-crime, semi-rural community. The Sheriff’s Office reports since the start of 2014 there have been three armed robberies; the most recent one at the Kangaroo store on Sixth Street has everyone talking.

No one was injured, and the armed robbery suspects got away with a little more than $53.

Baker County is a community where many try to do what is right, and Willie and Zelda Graham felt they made the right decision. “It was a very hard decision,” said Zelda Graham.

What she and her husband did on July 8 was turn their teenage son and grandson in to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly robbing the Kangaroo store.

“I haven’t slept, my husband hasn’t slept,” said Graham. “He laid in my arms and I laid in his arms and we both kept asking the same question all night: did we do the right thing?”