R&B singer Kem reveals how he overcame homelessness and drug addiction

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Grammy-nominated singer Kem is best known for his classic R&B sound and love songs such as “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Why Would You Stay” and “Share My Life.”

Many of Kem’s fans might not be aware of some of the unbelievable obstacles he overcame to be where he is today.

Before independently releasing his 2003 album Kemistry, Kem was drug addicted and homeless for several years.

These days, in the midst of recording new music, Kem is committed to aiding the homeless and undeserved citizens of his hometown — Detroit.

Kem, who will be releasing his fourth album Promise to Love on August 26th, is hosting his annual event, Mack & Third, a free annual concert benefiting Detroit’s homeless population, August 24.

During an interview with theGrio.com’s Chris Witherspoon at the 20th annual Essence Festival in New Orleans, Kem opened up about overcoming the odds of homelessness.

“I came to a place where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Kem said. “I gave up on trying to do things my way and started to listen to some people who had better ideas about what I should be doing than I did. My faith is my foundation. I’ve had some difficult patches in my life, as we all do, and I think that when we are allowed to come through the other side of turmoil, we have an opportunity and a privilege to talk about it and let people know about it, so that they too can overcome.”

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