This isn’t your normal barbershop.

You’ll find the typical tools of the trade here. But also books.

“The barbershop is based on men coming together, grooming each other to become better men, and I think books and education is a fundamental part of that,” said Reggie Ross.

For kids walking into Royal Touch Barbershop, it’s so much more than haircut. “Right now, I’m reading about African-American inventors. I’ve never heard of any of these inventors, so I’m learning something,” said Kane Roberts.

“I come here to read and improve my knowledge; there’s just so many books here,” said Kane Roberts.

No TVs, no radios. Instead, owner Reggie Ross says his younger customers put their noses to the books. Ross asks the kid customers to read the books to him out loud while getting a cut.

Palm Beach County ‘s graduation rate for black males is just 50 percent, according to the school district.

And that’s unacceptable for this Riveria Beach shop owner.

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