Marsha Ambrosius opens up about new album 'Friends & Lovers'

theGRIO VIDEO - Marsha Ambrosius released her second album this week, Friends & Lovers and she promises her fans it's an open book into her world...

Marsha Ambrosius released her second album this week, Friends & Lovers and she promises her fans it’s an open book into her world.

‘The former songstress of the neo-soul group Floetry has worked with a ‘who’s who’ in the music industry, including Nas, Jay Z, John Legend and the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Ambrosius sees her latest project as a sequel to her 2012 debut, Late Nights and Early Mornings. She said she’s had many relationships (long term or short) that have developed in-between.

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Late Nights & Early Mornings was the beginning of anything loving and exciting,” Ambrosius told theGrio’s Kyle Harvey. “Now we get to see where Friends & Lovers intersects.”

Ambrosius believes her writing style, like her love life, is very honest. That honesty allows her to write about her feelings and emotions associated with heartbreak and sex almost effortlessly.

Marsha Ambrosius on her studio sessions with Michael Jackson

“It’s easier for me to write about lust versus love,” explains the Philly singer. “It’s a Leo thing, I guess.”

Check out what else Marsha had to say in our Grio sitdown.

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