Children growing up in some households can tell stories of situations where they upset their parents and wound up getting a spanking.

Such was the case for an 8-year-old Long Island boy who got a spanking from his father after cursing at an adult.

The father was brought up on child-endangerment charges, and at first, a judge agreed that the father had abused his son. Now comes a ruling from a New York appeals court panel that corporal punishment is NOT excessive punishment as a form of discipline.

New York is not the only state that had to grapple with the issue of corporal punishment. Last year, a federal appeals court in California ruled that a woman who hit her 12-year-old daughter with a wooden spoon should not be labeled a “child abuser.”

In Florida, another federal panel ruled that a “single spank” does not qualify as domestic violence. And in Minnesota, the state Supreme Court there cleared a man who hit his son 36 times with a wooden paddle of child abuse charges.

These are cases that involve domestic situations. 19 States in the US allow corporal punishment in schools, though it is reported that the method of discipline in on the decline.

Some countries have banned corporal punishment for decades, such as Sweden and Demark. Others, just this year, such as Brazil and Malta.

So what do you think, Grio Fam? Is it okay to spank your child as a form of punishment, or is it abuse?

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