Chef Garvin gives back to the community through 'Give It Up For Good' campaign

theGRIO REPORT - Chef Garvin is a man of many talents - but this skilled chef is going from filling stomachs to warming the hearts of countless people through his latest mission.

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Chef Garvin is a man of many talents — but this skilled chef is going from filling stomachs to warming the hearts of countless people in his latest mission.

Recognized from his countless TV appearances, signature recipes and infectious smile, Chef Garvin is a distinguished celebrity chef who has teamed with Allstate in an effort to highlight local heroes in communities throughout America.

The mission is part of the Give It Up For Good campaign, which is a national program aimed to highlight the remarkable stories of good deeds of everyday people that often don’t receive the attention and acknowledgment they deserve, particularly among communities of color.

“I think it’s important to highlight people who are doing good, particularly among people of color, because there is a huge misconception that all things hood are bad and everyone in the neighborhood is doing something bad. That is not the case,” Garvin told theGrio.

“You go into a lot of African-American communities, and, yes, there are problems, but there also are people who are really doing really great stuff. Whether it’s keeping kids safe at programs, working at the local YMCA, volunteering at some of the shelters or just being neighborhood mentors. I think it’s really important to highlight those people because, I hate to say it, but with the influx of rap music increasingly being against speaking out against violence it’s really difficult for people to make things happen in a neighborhood where things are bad.”

However, Garvin is no stranger to community involvement. The restaurateur has worked heavily in combating hunger and childhood obesity through his One Bite Foundation, a non-profit organization Garvin launched in 2009 to tackle the aforementioned issues along with homelessness and domestic violence.

“The One Bite at a Time Foundation is an extension of who I am and what I believe. I think that no child should ever go to sleep hungry, as well no adult. When you live in one of the richest countries in the world, I just think you should do more,” he said.

His philanthropic efforts have made him a standout figure in the community and Garvin continues to use his words – and his work – to help empower others. He even hosts a Culinary Boot Camp as a way to help mold African-American kids into young culinary stars.

“There was a lack of young African-Americans in the culinary world, and I wanted to provide a platform or opportunity for kids who may not have been interested in the culinary field to take a look at it,” Garvin said.

“Because culinary and food saved my life, I thought it would be a great idea to get these kids involved.”

To learn more about the Give It Up For Good Campaign, click here.

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