K Camp talks new music and not being labeled as a club rapper

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It’s hard not to hear K Camp’s sound or singles on the radio this summer.

Born Kris Campbell, the Atlanta native’s hit songs “Money Baby” and “Cut Her Off” could all be considered ‘trap R&B.’

The 24-year old rapper shows off his softer side on his latest single “Blessing.”

“‘Blessing’ just has a nice message and feel to it,” K Camp told theGrio.com’s Kyle Harvey. “It also shows my versatility.”

“Blessing” follows the rocky relationship of a woman who’s tied down to her dope-dealing boyfriend. The woman confides in K Camp behind her boyfriend’s back and it results in a violent conclusion.

“I’ve gotten a lot of love from my fans and on Twitter, because they’ve seen or been in similar situations,” Camp revealed about “Blessing’s” reception.

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