Dear White People doesn’t hit theaters until mid-October; however, the satirical drama has already created a substantial buzz.

The film centers around four African-American students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out after a popular “African-American” themed party is thrown by white students.

The folks producing Dear White People have created ten PSA-style videos attempting to dismantle racial stereotypes of black people. The PSAs explain black culture in the style of NBC’s The More You Know campaign.

Check out the latest PSA from Dear White People, which attempt to explain that white people love food stamps too.

“Black people make up 22 percent of the poor in this country but only get 14 percent of the benefits, while white people make up 42  percent of the poor and get 69 percent of benefits, which is weird because aren’t we supposed to be the Michael Jordans of welfare?” the PSA states.

Check out some of the additional PSA’s from Dear White People which attempt to tackle hot topics, including why the best athletes are black, black on black crime and do black people really love fried chicken?

Dear White People hits theaters nationwide October 1.

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